Personalized dynamic colors

Personalized security prints with images showing hidden information upon 90° in plane rotation. A face image in color that upon rotation shows the name and the holder’s birth date. A brand logo that upon rotation shows the name of the product and its identifier.


Personalized security images can be created by printing a combination of two different images on a metallic substrate. The first image may for example be the face of the document holder and the second image the name and birth date of that same person. The second image is viewable when rotating the print in-plane by 90° or when illuminating it with a second light source. The same technology enables printing the logo of a brand that upon rotation shows the product name and serial number.

Thanks to digital printing, each document is unique, i.e. it contains identifying personal or product information. Without our special dynamic color separation software, such combinations of two images cannot be reproduced.

Use cases

Protection of ID cards
Protection of brands
Design and protection of gambling items


Digital printing on a special metallic substrate (inkjet, HP Indigo™…)