Wide gamut prints

Wide gamut colors for real and accurate rendering of metal, gold, pink gold and highly bright and saturated colors for catalogues of watches or jewellery.


The wide gamut print technology is a hexa-color printing process that considerably expands the printable color gamut (150% more colors). Our 6 inks color separation software enables converting display sRGB images into classical CMYK, daylight fluo yellow and daylight fluo magenta ink color separations. These additional daylight fluo inks offer brighter and more colorful yellow, purple, green, red, orange and blue colors.

Wide gamut printing accurately renders “out of gamut colors” such as metal and gold colors. Prints are more precise with clearer and better reproduced colors. Printed images are also closer to the corresponding images displayed on websites.

Use cases

Watch and jewellery catalogues
Art posters
Art books
Artistic prints
Packages of luxury articles


Offset, flexo and helio printing